Flappy Bird Template

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A “Flappy Bird” style game for iPhone.


This app template allows you to create your “Flappy Bird” style endless game. This is a great game to add to a portfolio if your idea for a re-skin is a trending topic. Everybody knows how to play Flappy style games so this is great for the beginner re-skinner. This game is quite easy to re-skin and has a lot of advanced features to keep users well occupied. This app template comes with the following features:

  • Game Center integration
  • Local Leaderboards
  • Online Leaderboards
  • In-app purchases
  • Ad integration
  • Ability to change your bird’s style
  • Beautiful UI and animations
  • Written in Objective-C

An example of an app that used a variation of this template is Birdlet. In addition to the source code and instructions, the purchase of this template comes with a free 30 minute call to help sort out any installation problems. Please remember to upload this app to iTunes, you will need an Apple Developer Account.


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