Why did I create Apliko Market? As a re-skinner myself, I found myself wasting a lot of time re-creating a lot of the same components that I already made myself or that other people have already made. With Apliko Market, re-skinners can purchase common templates and app extensions for low prices.

As I began saving small code snippets for frequently used app components, I found myself saving a ton of time. Stuff like login screens, loading screens, and other little reusable components actually start to suck up a lot of unnecessary time. Purchase these components for as little as $1 on Apliko Market!

Have a component you want to contribute to the community? Send me an email and I can review the product. You’ll keep 70% of the revenue!

I hope you enjoy Apliko Market because I know that it has saved me tons of time re-skinning my apps!

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  1. Hey hows it going , question on the marketplace Service aPp can i use back4app instead of firebase.com?

    Will it be hard? I know on one of my other apps i use back4app and i entered the APP_ID and CLIENT_KEY, then replace them on the variable on API.swift

    So i was wondering if i can use back4app or will it be hard?

    Also i see paypal is listed as the PAYMENT cant i use stripe?

    1. Hello! This application was built with Firebase so it will take some refactoring to use Back4App. I wouldn’t say it’s hard , but its not as easy as changing 1 – 2 lines of code. Additionally, you could also use Stripe instead of PayPal for the app.

  2. this is not a comment. but i have just a couple of ?. if i get a template from you and get it reskinned.
    why would i want to sell on flippa for x amount. and if it sells then i would no longer have the rights to the code right . or can i still use the source after selling it to resell it again or what this is the part i don’t understand about it .
    maybe you can shed some light on this.it would be nice if you could make a vid telling some stuff about what you can and can not do with the code thanks. hope to hear from you just email me .
    basically i just need to know what i can and can’t do with the code.before buying.

    1. Hello! I’m glad you asked this question and I will be sure to clarify this later in another video. Anyways, as long as you explicitly state that you will also still keep rights after selling the application, you can continue to use the code to re-skin more apps. You can either put a disclaimer in your Flippa listing or uncheck the box that says “Source Code Included”. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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