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Apliko – Buy and Sell Apps

Buying and selling apps is becoming more expensive. Now the current leading marketplace is charging $9 listing fees and 15% success fees. These prices increases cause sellers to make less and buyers to pay more. We want to return the power to the buyers and sellers. Apliko is safer and only charges a 5% success fee. Sign up for the beta and learn more below!

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Apliko is an up and coming marketplace for buying and selling mobile apps. We are currently in the beta phase for iOS and hope to have a website and Android app soon. We have more features than the leading marketplaces and only charge a 5% success fee. We only make money when you do!


Apliko wants to keep you as safe as possible. Our platform uses more security measures than any other marketplace. Apliko forces every transaction to use escrow. This means the seller won't receive his/her money until he/she provides the app, and the buyer won't receive his/her app until he/she pays. This way, nobody can get scammed. On top of this, every user has a profile that contains and rating and reviews. Every transaction can be rated on a scale of 5 stars. In addition, the buyer can leave a written review that will be displayed to all users.


Apliko is the cheapest app marketplace available. While competitors charge as much as $9 per listing in addition to a 15% success fee, Apliko only charges a 5% success fee. We make sure you get as much money as possible for your hard work. Keeping our prices low ensures that sellers get maximum profit while buyers can continue to the fairest prices.


While we have the cheapest prices, this doesn't affect our feature set. We have more features than any marketplace currently available. Our application includes the full feature set listed below:
  • In-App messaging system
  • Listing comments section
  • Push notifications for messages, comments, bids, purchases, and more!
  • List an app directly from your phone!
  • Advanced filters including downloads, revenue, BIN, current price, and more
  • User rating and review system
  • Mandatory payment escrow
  • PayPal payments

Ready to get the fair price for your apps? Be one of the first to have an Apliko account by signing up for the beta above! Our beta testers have the rare opportunity to alter the final product. Every recommendation is taken to heart and your suggestions may very well be in our final product!