Make 16x Your Money in One Month

This past month I was able to make 16 times my money with one app. Yes, I did this all in one month. To be exact, I made a $50 investment and had a return of over $800. Although it sounds too good to be true, there are actually many opportunities like these with mobile apps. The best part is you don’t even need to know how to code. The method I’ve used takes a very little amount of time and no coding skill. Not to mention, I used my method a second time and got double my money in one month. Not as good as the first time, but I’ll explain why later. Ready to earn some money with apps? Let’s begin!

The Investment

To make money using this method, you’ll need at least $50 available. This is because we will be purchasing a template that somebody else made. My favorite place to purchase templates is Chupamobile. Both of the times I’ve used this method, I bought my templates from Chupamobile. Their templates are usually in the range of $50 to $1,000. I try to stay on the low end to make sure I’m guaranteed a return. However, I’ve never tried purchasing expensive templates so it might be worth a try too.

Before you go buying just any template, you have to do a little research. The best way is to look at the iOS top charts. Specifically the free top charts. Take about 5 to 10 minutes to find a few of the most popular games in the top charts. Now search for equivalent templates on Chupamobile. Try to find templates that offer code for an Android version using Unity. This way, you can release the app on all platforms including iOS, Google Play, and Amazon Store to maximize your profits. If you can’t find any templates of games in the top charts, just be patient. Eventually a template for a popular game will be made and you can pounce on it! Please make sure you choose your template carefully! If you choose a template of an app that isn’t trending, you will most likely have poor results. Once you’ve secured your template, we’ll move on to step two.

Re-skin the App

Once you’ve purchased and downloaded your new template, you have to make a few minor changes to the app. Don’t worry, none of them involve any coding! First you’ll want to edit the name of the app. Make sure it is similar to the name of the popular app that the template is designed after. You’ll also want to make sure the ad system in the app is connected to your account. Finally, you’ll want to create and appealing icon and some screenshots. I would recommend that the icon you create is also relatively similar to the icon of the popular app that the icon is created after. This is really the extent of the changes that you need to make. Depending on the platform you want to release for (Amazon, Google, Apple), there will be different icon and screenshot requirements. Please make sure to check these out. You can find the relevant rules for each platform by going to the developers page for each site.

I know you may be tempted to make big changes to your app to make it unique, but don’t do it! Especially if you’re not a coder, it will be an unnecessary and large expense. If you can already make a good return with the current template, why waste money changing it?

The Strategy

Now, you’re done with your app. You just release it, right? Before doing your app release, you have to have a plan. Let me explain the plan that has best worked for me in the past.

Typically, I have a two part release. The first time I release my app, I release it as a free app. This way, your app will become very popular since everybody can easily download it. I wait one to two weeks for my app’s ranking to maximize on the top charts. In the past, I can usually get to around 100 free consistent downloads per day. Once I believe I have reached my peak chart position, I switch my app to either $0.99 or $1.99. I do this because even though your app is now paid, the app store’s algorithm will use your previous free app’s download number to calculate it’s new paid ranking. Since paid apps don’t generally get as many downloads as free apps, your ranking will shoot to the top. Now your app has a ton of exposure and will get a lot of paid downloads. One of my apps was able to pull in $30 per day using this method.

This isn’t the only strategy that you can use, but I’ve found it to be consistently successful. If you have you’re own strategy you can definitely try it, but I recommend this for beginners!

What’s Next?

Like most apps, your app will eventually begin to see a decline in downloads. Typically, if I feel like my app is beginning to lose ground, I will try to sell my app. This strategy will make you maximum profit because you can sell your app using high revenue numbers before the decline is too severe.

In the past, I have usually sold my apps on Flippa. In the past year alone, I’ve made thousands selling apps with Flippa. However, recently their prices have skyrocketed. They now have a $9 listing fee and a 15% success fee. Ouch! So now I don’t recommend Flippa. Instead, use my new app Apliko. We have no listing fee and currently for our release promotion, we’re not charging any success fees! So once your app begins to slow down, definitely think about selling it on Apliko to maximize your earning potential.

Hopefully you can see the power in using this method of developing apps. I first tried it just a few months ago and was completely taken aback by how successful it was. When I tell people I turned $50 into over $800 with an app, most just don’t believe me! I hope now you can begin to look for good opportunities to put this method to use and start earning!

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