Making Money with App Templates

I hope you have enjoyed my series on making money with apps so far. As most people think the only way an makes money is ads or through a direct payment, I thought giving a more creative angle would be helpful. Todays article is about making money with app templates. App templates are a great way to make a lot of money with apps, but they are often overlooked. In fact, app templates have made me most of my income over the past couple of years. Let’s start talking about app templates!

How to Start

When I mention app templates, most people immediately think it’s a lot of work. While I won’t deny that you have to put some serious work in upfront, it’s not as terrible as people make it out to be. App templates are amazing because the hours you put in in the beginning pay huge dividends in the future. When I made my first app template, it was able to sell for over a year and a half. Sometimes, I could sell a single template for as much as $2,000! In order to make money from this method, I would recommend knowing how to code. Although you could hire a developer, it’ll really hurt your profits. You may even go negative because mobile developers are usually quite pricey if you want high quality. If you’re a beginner, I would look into the basics of Swift or Java to create iOS or Android apps. After you’re comfortable, you can begin creating your very first template! The first template can be frustrating and difficult, but just remember the monetary rewards that wait for you in the future.

Pick a Niche

Before you begin coding away, make sure your template idea is good. You need something that a lot of people can use. For example, my most successful template was for a marketplace. Since the average novice doesn’t have the skills necessary to create a marketplace app, it was a very popular template. The more complex your template is, the more it’ll sell since the average person couldn’t create it themselves. The niche is very important so take your time. Your template won’t sell even if it is the most beautiful app created if there is no demand.

Creating the App

I can’t really give much advice on creating the app since it all depends on the app you’re making. However, I just want to say you have to be patient and stick with it. Sometimes errors come up that you think you’ll never fix, but you can always pull through it. Make sure you utilize tutorials and Google to help you along your journey. My first template took me three months to build, so the time commitment can be pretty large. Just take your time and try to enjoy the process of creating the template!


Now that you’ve finally finished your masterpiece, it’s time to make money. There are a couple of different ways you can make money with templates. The first I’ll show is the easiest way in terms of the amount of time you’ll spend. Using Chupamobile, you can upload your code to their website and sell it there. First, you’ll have to submit your code to Chupamobile’s review team so they can make sure your app meets the quality guidelines. After it’s been accepted, I would try to run some ads to get more traffic to your page otherwise your sales won’t be too amazing. Although Chupamobile is convenient way to sell your code, I’m not really too much of a fan of it. I’ve tried it and so far it hasn’t made me too much money. My favorite way is to use Flippa. Although this way takes more this way, I think the returns are much better. Before selling, you have to submit a version of your app to the App Store. Once its approved, you can create a listing on Flippa. Once you create your listing, all you have to do is accept bids and wait for the auction to end! Once you sell your first app, take your template and change the functions and visuals a little bit. Then release it to the App Store and list it on Flippa to sell too. You can just continue doing this and make a ton of money from a single piece of source code!

The only problem now is Flippa’s fees. Within the past year, they’ve started to charge a $9 listing fee and a 15% success fee. Right now, I recommend using Apliko. Apliko is a marketplace to buy and sell apps to. Currently, we’re running a promotion and won’t charge any listing or success fees! Take advantage of this great deal now!

In Conclusion

In my opinion, app templates are the best way to make money with apps long term. App templates have made me a lot of money and I would recommend them to anyone who has some decent app development experience. Just remember to have patience while you’re building your app template! I know it can be a struggle to work on one project for such a long time, but it’s definitely worth it. What are you waiting for? Start working on your app template now!

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