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Our Story

Today I’m here to talk about Apliko and why it is currently the best app marketplace available. For around two years I used Flippa to sell my apps. For about a year things were going great. I even sold almost $10,000 of apps in the short time I used Flippa. Flippa only had a 10% success fee and no listing fee. Flippa was making me good money and I wasn’t loosing too much to fees. However about a year into my Flippa business. They added a $9 listing fee. I understood that a listing fee prevents sellers from posting garbage apps, but $9 seemed a little high. However, I kept selling since $9 wasn’t much compared to what I was making. Finally, soon after that Flippa began charging a 15% success on top of their $9 listing fee. This is when I finally questioned whether I should continue using Flippa. When I sold an app for $1,000, I lost about $150 just to the success fee alone. At this point, I decided I couldn’t continue using Flippa.

At that point in time, I began to work on Apliko to let developers keep the money they earned. I decided I would attempt to only charge a 5% success fee. This way, app developers would keep most of their earnings and buyers could get the best prices for apps. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to charge much to use Apliko, I knew that it needed to have the best feature set available. I knew it would be difficult, but we did it.


Right now, Apliko is only in beta and it already has just as many features as Flippa if not more. Just take a look for yourself…

Apliko Features

  • In-App Messaging Platform
  • Listing Comment Section
  • User Ratings
  • User Reviews
  • Post a listing right from your phone
  • Watch listings
  • Search filters for current price, BIN, downloads, revenue, and more
  • Listing add-ons
  • Push notifications
  • Payment Escrow
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Share
  • Feedback System
  • BIN and Bidding

If you don’t believe the amount of features that Apliko has, you can become a beta tester here and try it for yourself.


Even more important than Apliko’s feature set is how safe it is. In order to keep our marketplace safe, we enforce mandatory payment escrow. This means that the seller only transfers the app once the Apliko Escrow Team has the payment in their posession. The seller only gets paid once the buyer confirms they have received the app. In addition to escrow, Apliko uses user ratings and reviews. This way, users can determine whether to buy from a seller or not based on their past reputation.

Become a Beta Tester Today

Because of its safety and vast feature set, Apliko really does outperform Flippa. Currently, our only drawback is that Apliko only has an iOS app. However, in the near future we plan on releasing an Android app and a website. We strive to provide the perfect app sales experience. Get on board early and join the Apliko Beta testing team. The more beta testers we have, the better the app will become. Stop wasting your money with Flippa and use Apliko!

Become a Beta Tester

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