Why Become an AppSwan Affiliate?

Thanks for you interest in becoming an AppSwan Affiliate. There are many advantages that AppSwan affiliates enjoy that make the program very beneficial. Let me explain to you why you would want to become an AppSwan Affiliate over any other affiliate.

First of all, the commission here at AppSwan is very high! Every AppSwan Affiliate, regardless of experience, will receive at least a 50% commission on all sales! We also love to give bonus to the best affiliates at the end of the year. With products ranging in the price range of $100 to $600 that means you’ll make from $50 to $300 for each successful sale. This is much more than the typical affiliate program such as Amazon or Clickbank.

Currently, mobile apps are in high demand. There are thousands of individuals and businesses that need a personal mobile app without breaking the bank. This niche market has not been targeted yet so there are tons of opportunities to earn. Most developers charge over $10,000 for what a simple $100 – $600 AppSwan template can easily do. You can easily sell these templates to most businesses and individuals because they know this price is a steal.

Finally, the AppSwan brand has a great reputation. Although our site is relatively new, we have been building a reputation for years. For the past three years, our company has been selling high-quality mobile applications on the site Flippa. Clients know that we provide the best value for what they pay for. Our great reputation makes your job much easier! If you’re interested, you can check out our reputation on recent sales on Flippa here.

We sincerely hope that you will decide to become a member of the AppSwan family. We believe our affiliate marketers are a key component of our business and because of this make sure to always treat them well. With free signup, 50% commissions, and possible bonuses, joining AppSwan is really a no-brainer. Take the dive, become an AppSwan affiliate today!